Stretch your funding even further by taking advantage of our monthly promotions. To enable sufficient time to process quotations, every promotion is valid for a period of two months. Visit this page frequently to ensure you benefit from discount on our quality brands.

Please download the mailer with promotional details by using the buttons below. Current specials feature small instruments, plastic consumables, pipette sets, stool and soil DNA isolation kits, Bioline PCR enzymes and the market leading LUNA-FLX7 automated cell counter.

The Celtic warehouse sale specifically focusses on items that Celtic currently has in stock!  Benefit from discounted prices and Celtic will immediately dispatch the items, meaning you will receive it in 1-2 days!

The Black Friday Warehouse Special features the following products:

  • Celtic Molecular PCR and qPCR enzymes
  • Meridian Biosciences (Bioline) PCR and qPCR mixes
  • Starlab filtered and non-filtered tips
  • Starlab ErgoOne pipettes
  • Starlab PCR consumables
  • Various other Starlab items
  • Invitek DNA/RNA isolation kits

Request a quotation for the current specials via our contact form.