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WEBINAR: Generation of Recombinant Tool Antibodies to Support Cell and Gene Therapy Development


with Sophie Mayle, Technical Sales Specialist, Bio-Rad Laboratories

Join this webinar to hear how the combination of powerful technologies enables the rapid construction of antibodies in multiple formats in as little as 9 weeks, and offers a range of options for site-directed conjugation. These highly specific antibodies are sequence defined, guaranteeing a secure supply throughout the assay lifecycle.

Date: On demand

WEBINAR: Why are new standards in cell counting needed for accurate results?


with Sophie Mayle, Technical Sales Specialist, Bio-Rad Laboratories

As the need for accuracy in cell counting becomes more fundamental for advanced research efforts, cell counting techniques and procedures can often times be unreliable and error-prone. SelectScience in partnership with Logos Biosystems, invites you to join Dr. Carrie Haslam, PhD, Associate Editor, SelectScience and Karine Labour, EU Managing Director, Logos Biosystems for this webinar presentation.

Date: On demand

Featured Products

genesig COVID-19 3G COVID-19 kit from PrimerDesign

A three-gene assay to detect the ORF1ab, M gene, and S gene targets of SARS-CoV-2, enabling fulfilment of international testing requirements.

The genesig COVID-19 3G is CE-IVD marked and SAPRAH approved.

Walk-away DNA/RNA sample preparation

The InviGenius® PLUS is a fully automated platform for nucleic acid purification that processes up to 12 samples simultaneously using magnetic beads.