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genesig Corornavirus (COVID-19) Real Time PCR kit (CE IVD marked and SAHPRA approved)

Daily bioinformatic analysis of the Primerdesign Coronavirus COVID-19 assays confirms the assays still show 100% detection with all good quality SARS-CoV-2 sequences published on the GISAID EpiCoV database. This includes the South African variant called 501.V2.

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LIVE TALK SERIES: Rising Challenges in Immunology: Infectious and Autoimmune Diseases

The evolving COVID-19 landscape: from fundamentals to new therapeutics

(2nd June)

Immunometabolism: fundamentals to prospective new therapies

(8 June)

Autoimmune diseases

(15 June)

Spotlight on immunobiology: emerging trends and hot topics

(23 June)

This live talk highlighst the innovative solutions that Invitek offer in Microbiome sample management.

LIVE TALK: How to efficiently manage samples for gut microbiome studies

The effect of human gut microbiota on the health and pathogenesis of various diseases have been investigated in recent years. A major challenge for microbiome studies is maintaining an even and accurate DNA extraction in the presence of samples with a wide range of bacterial content. Therefore, sample stabilization and validated DNA extraction are essential steps in gut microbiome analysis projects. Severe errors and biases are caused by sample storage and extraction procedures. Especially the DNA isolation procedure continues to be a large source of experimental variability in 16S rRNA sequence analysis and the most time-consuming step in a high-throughput pipeline.

Date: May 6, 2021 11:00 AM

Speaker: Michael Onwuatuegwu and Anna-Maria Jantke-Busse from Invitek

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